The Mummy (a watercolor painting)

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!

I hope you’ll dig this watercolor version of Lon Chaney Jr. as
The Mummy.

<a href="





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Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!

I had the pleasure of being a guest in Guelph, Canada at the Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference. I had a blast and met Naomi Grossman- Pepper – from American Horror Story: Asylum. I also met Johnny Ghoulash, a fellow actor in Return to Nuke ‘Em High. We figured out by comparing cell phone photos, that we were in scenes together- and didn’t realize it!!
Also, I met Gothic Gourd Sculptor and the people from Shock Stock!!

I had a great time and hope to return—










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Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!!

Got my butt into gear(yeah, it took long enough) and started painting.
Here’s the first two of 2014-
Watercolors on paper. More to come…

Michael Keaton as Batman

Henry Hull – Werewolf of London



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Tomb TV

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!!!

My pal Tomb Dragomir- Rue Morgue Radio, Tomb TV and fellow NHL fan, recorded us at last year’s Rue Morgue Festival of Fear!!

This is cool, because George Mihalka – My Bloody Valentine, is also on the show.

Tomb TV

Here’s Tomb holding a Ha-Ha! Horror postcard. :)


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Terror Technologies -Vampire Charity Ball

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!!

On Valentine’s Day, I was at the Vampire Charity Ball, in downtown Buffalo. Wait… Buffalo has a downtown?! Yes, it’s making a steady comeback! Google it.

I had a blast, sold copies of Ha-Ha! Horror, paintings and drawings. Plus, it was for charity- that’s a win/win!!

Here’s a photo recap
Sherri Lynn Litz, Teddy Hanes were just a couple of the fiends that stopped by. At some point, my phone died. The colorful fella holding Ha-Ha! Horror was a tattoo artist named Mark. He was a ton of fun!











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Kvetching up is hard to to?

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!!

Back in January, I travelled to Canada and enjoyed being part of Mego Meet North, with the fellas behind Plaidstallions and Mego Museum. I saw my pal Kris Hadfield, from the Screamwave podcast. It was good to seem him again, plus- he brought his Dad. So, it was cool to meet him!

When I was traveling back, I swung by the House of Frankenstein at Clifton Hill. I dropped off some copies of Ha-Ha! Horror (I devoted a paragraph or two, to the place) and got to romp and hang out in the attraction!!











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2013:The Beast and Worst of…

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!!

2012, seemed to be one heck of a year for me, artistically. Even with knee surgery. I had hoped to bring that spirit and drive into 2013. I had moments, but not any consistency. I really stumbled through 2013. I started with the end of 2012 sticking in my craw, and it wouldn’t let go. I should not have been that affected, but it just brought me down. Getting absolutely brow beaten in my personal life about my love of horror, and involvement in it, by people that can’t conceive of the artistry and spirit, that goes into it. It’s bad enough that my desire to pursue the arts was highly discouraged, almost to the point of being forbidden, during my youth. Those people aren’t my audience anyway. They’re family. I felt kind of ambushed. It really got me off track. I tried like heck to brush it off and go forward. But, I kept having this tentative streak coming on, eating at me. It turned into writer/artist block.


In 2013, I was attached to various film projects, taking on new and larger capacities for me. One, had me on a “stand by, and be ready to roll” kind of status, which was unnerving, because that fella had no clue and kept everyone in the dark, while hiding his mismanagement. It really messed with my time/project management. Plus, everyone else’s, too. I was always waiting for “the call.” That project never panned out, but managed to sap a significant amount of my energy and focus, in the process. The other, didn’t pan out for that particular job, but, I was able to be on the project in an acting capacity.

In the meantime, I was struggling with post knee surgery consistency, too. I had good days and horrible days, which affected my performance at my day job. If I felt good, I tried to accomplish things, both health wise and creatively. If I felt horrible… forget it. It seemed like I took a step forward and twelve steps back, leaving me to scurry to get back on track. My creative output paled in comparison to 2012, I’m still finishing things.

But, I did some worthwhile things, like act in a handful of films, get another book published, sold some paintings and sketches, saw a film I worked on get picked up for distribution, etc.

Let’s look at the positives, here. The negatives can go soak their heads.
In some semi sort of order…

I acted as an extra, in -
A Grim Becoming, Dry Bones, The American Side, and was associate producer/social media person for GoGo Girls vs the Nazis. Sledge, got a distribution deal and a sequel is in the works, with Kane Hodder! Kris Hanson got in his Sledge costume( I made the mask) and hit the horror cons-making friends with FearNet and a Fangoria people.

I kept working on the web comic/web page- Ha-Ha! Horror. I didn’t realize that I’d wind up getting a publisher on board to bring this to life! After working on their bat/magnifying glass logo, Mystery and Horror LLC, signed me as their first author. They were publishing anthologies up until then.

With Ha-Ha! Horror, I did the writing and illustrating- including the cover(my first). This, and a person to person meeting with Chris Alexander, at a con, led to a book giveaway on Fangoria’s website.

I did a handful of conventions, both in Canada and the States. I had the chance to be on a panel with Ashlynne Yennie- Human Centipede and Casper Van Dien-Starship Troopers.

I drew a sketch of a Thom Matthews-Return of the Living Dead, that he signed for a friend and fan, at a horror con. At that same convention, I told my jokes to actors from The Walking Dead, that made them groan beyond belief!

I met my long distance pal, Tomb Dragomir, at Rue Morgue. I had the best time with him! Also, Mitch Markowitz, from Hilarious House of Frightenstein. It was like touching a chunk of my childhood.

Barbie Wilde from Hellraiser:Hellbound joined in on our 6FtPlus podcast, to do some voice acting. To say it was an honor to work with her, would be an understatement.

Steampunk Originals Vol.2 wound up in Previews, a comic book shop’s catalog. I received and sold out of my Vol.2 contributor copies, at comic book conventions.

I started a new job, at my corporate gig. It’s an extension of my old job, but more focused on problem solving. Multiple computer screens and components to keep an eye on. The training lasted a couple of months. I’m told it’ll be close to a year, before I’m completely proficient. That seems to be standard.

The last few months of 2013 have been a nice boost, and I’m truly hoping to carry this through to 2014. Still trying to regain that almost singular focus. No year end ambush, per se. So that helps. Let’s do it. I’m ready.

2014, let’s start with a cup of coffee. I’ll tell you a few jokes, then I’m going to enjoy kicking your butt.

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