Julie Newmar Catwoman Painting


I made an attempt to paint
Julie Newmar as Catwoman, with watercolors. Here’s how it developed…









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Ha-Ha! Horror wins President’s Choice Award!

Ghoul Mourning , Maniacs!!

I’m pleased as punch, to announce that my book , “Ha-Ha! Horror” won for Best Humor Book, in the Florida Authors & Publishers Association- (FAPA) President’s Choice Awards.

This wasn’t expected by me, and the book edged out two other competing books for the Gold Medal. I told our Little Monsters that I should pose on a Wheaties box, but that reference sailed over their noggins. Ugh.

I have to give many thanks to FAPA, and my publisher-
Mystery & Horror ,LLC. Also, thank you to Gwen Mayo and Sarah Glenn!! Plus, thank you, Maniacs!!!!!!



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Frankenstein ‘s Monster Watercolor Painting


I love me some Frankenstein’s Monster, especially when portrayed by Boris Karloff. In Bride of Frankenstein , the monster emerges from the burned windmill and he too, has some
burnt/singed portions on his body- hair, flesh, clothes. In some of the images, he looks even more sinister.
I decided to paint old flattop…






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Barnes & Noble appearance


I’ll be at Barnes & Noble this Saturday, to represent artists during their Marvel Comics Day! I stared at the phone in disbelief when the call came in!

Barnes&Noble Marvel Comics Day!




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Monstermatt Monday!!


The fiends at Cats Like Us have declared today Monstermatt Monday! We answer the question, “Do Monsters watch tv?” The answer is the form of BadMonsterJokes…

Monstermatt Monday at Cats Like Us

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Music for a dreary day…


Need some music for the day . Let ‘ s see… Which GRUE – ner to choose ?
FrankenSinatraStein or
Mel Tormented ?
I heard from the Hangman , that either one ‘ s music gets everyone swinging at the gallows !

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Ha-Ha! Horror is nominated!!


I have great NOOSE to share—

My book, HA-HA! HORROR , published by Mystery & Horror LLC, has been selected as a finalist in the Humor category for the 2014 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Awards.

Gold and silver medalists will be announced at the awards banquet during the
Edu-Conference at the Marriott Hotel in Pompano Beach starting on August 9.

I want to say thank you, to the committee and a huge thank you, to my publisher and its dynamic duo- Gwen & Sarah!!


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