Batman & Robin Watercolor Painting 

I decided to paint  Batman -Adam West and Robin -Burt Ward jumping out of the Batmobile. The reference photo I used is one of my all time favorite images! Please enjoy… 


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Famous Monsters & Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror 


As any Monster Kid will undoubtedly tell you, it’s a dream to be mentioned in Famous Monsters of Filmland, wether it’s online or in the pulpy pages. Well, that dream came true yesterday, as my new upcoming book, Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror got mentioned. Also mentioned was 6FtPlus, that Rondo nominated podcast that I’m on. DMon Productions ( Sheri Fairchild and Frank Nicosia( was mentioned, too! 
I have to say THANK YOU! to Famous Monsters and Dan Wilder. Famous Monsters-Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror

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ScareACon 2015


I was a vendor/artist at ScareACon for my first time and it was quite the show! My booth was right next to John Russo (Night of the Living Dead) and he was a lot of fun! Also, across from me was my pal Greg Lamberson- ( Killer Rack) and his family. We wound up staying at the same hotel and I chauffeured them a bit. 
I got to revisit with Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman and Cathy & Ron Mackay. Also, Joe Bob Briggs stopped by my booth to say “howdy.”  Sheri Fairchild and Frank Nicosia of DMonProductions were hanging out with us, too! 

Then, I got to meet my modern horror hero- Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley (Pinhead.) I love the characterization he gave to the Cenobite. Iconic doesn’t scratch the surface. As a late teen, I had the Screamin’ vinyl model, the plastic puzzle box, the  Hellbound: Hellraiser  soundtrack ( which I used to workout to. I loved the powerful overtures.I think you get the idea- I was a fanboy.Sheesh!) and just really dug every bit of Hellraiser there was. I got a little nervous, but he was very cool about it. I told him it was like meeting Santa Claus. Very intimidating when it needn’t be. I gave him a copy of “Ha-Ha! Horror” and said I thought it was fair trade for all of the enjoyment I’ve gotten from his work. Then, I laid out some of my Hellraiser jokes. Oof! I think he’s going to tear my soul apart! 
I also chatted with Adrienne Barbeau and told her my Swamp Thing joke. She laughed quite a bit! Bill Moseley (Devil’ s Rejects) and I had a nice chat and we traded Ha-Ha! Horror for Girls & Corpses. Very cool, sharp/funny dude! 

Ok, so I was a social buggerfly or something, but I did sign a bunch of books and art prints all weekend long. Overall, I really enjoyed the event and will sign up for next year!


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Dracula (Christopher Lee with Veronica Carlson) Painting

I love Christopher Lee’ s version of Dracula. He was the first Dracula I was exposed to on TV. Here’s my watercolor painting of him with Veronica Carlson.  


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Bride of Frankenstein Painting


A little while back, I drew Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein. I finally had the chance to paint it! 

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“Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror” Book Cover Art

I completed the cover art for my next book, “Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror” and want to share it with you. The book has over 500 Bad Monster Jokes and I’m working on the interior cartoons. 

As with my previous books, there are horror personalities to roast me. 

Julie Adams -Creature From the Black Lagoon

John Amplas- Creepshow, Martin

John Migliore – The Strain, Land of the Dead

Nathan Head- The Excorcism Chronicles, Zombie King

Ari Lehman – Friday the 13th

Sephera Giron- Experiments in Terror, Captured Souls
Sean Whalen- The People Under the Stairs
Charles Band- Full Moon Entertainment 

Mitch Markowitz- Hilarious House of Frightenstein 
Also, like the first two books, there is a foreword and afterword. I hand picked these two guys from my time on set with Troma. I feel like they’re my little brothers.  I just want to put them in headlocks!

Zac Amico- Troma’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol.1&2

Zac is writing the foreword. He’s a rising star on the comedy scene. He’s popped up on Comedy Central and written material for some heavy hitters. 

Justin A. Martell -Troma’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol.1&2 

Justin is writing the afterword and he’s a great low budget movie producer and author! He wrote a definitive look at the life and career of Tiny Tim.

 Here’s a photo of (L to R) 

Justin, Megafoot, Monstermatt, Zac

What a lineup!!

 There are more roasters coming!

And here’s the cover… 


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Captain Canuck Commission 


I was contacted by my pal Marty Boruta to paint Captain Canuck, using the iconic image by Richard Comely.  I tried to keep it close to Richard’s work and to top things off, I got to meet Richard and pose for a photo with him and Marty, at Niagara Falls Comic Con.

Starting with my sketch (note: I had to resketch on top of the first one- I wasn’t happy with it) and painting – to Marty, Richard and I holding my painting. Then, Richard’s creation and original work on a postage stamp. 
Richard and Marty were great! Thanks for the great opportunity , guys!


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