2010:What a Monstrous Year!!

2010:What a Monstrous Year!

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!

When we got to the end of 2009,I told Kyle Kaczmarcyk  that 2010 was going to be great!I didn’t know how true that was going to be…

At the start of 2010,Scars Magazine ran a mask giveaway with me.This was the introduction of my “ItsyBitsyBiter” mask.That was fun,as they hooked it into a trivia quiz.

I wrote some jokes and brain teasers for everyone.

I started writing for HorrorNews.Net,spotlighting vintage horror/monster toys and items.Those articles got some nice feedback.It was great to try writing legitimately,
especially for a website.

I wrote some more jokes.People started to really notice.

I started a comicbook script for Kyle’s indie comicbook company,Zombie Ink Comics.It’s called “Wolff’s Run”,and is a three book story,with a Werewolf,set in the Prohibition era.

I wrote some song parodies,recorded them,and sent them around.One of which is the beginning sequence to “Lair of the Yak”,a webcam horror talk show.Hosts Nick Cato,Cornelius Badmonk,and friends,bring a humorous show for all to enjoy!

Rotting Flesh Radio used my Valentine’s song parody in their broadcast.

I wrote some more jokes,and started getting all kinds of responses!

In fact,it wasn’t much later,that people started suggesting I start thinking about putting the jokes into a book.Nope,that’ll never work!

I was writing the second book for “Wolff’s Run”,and drawing,running,sculpting.Hit-
ting everything full throttle.

Somehow,I started trading zingers with Lloyd Kaufmann,the 
amazing leader of Troma.I really enjoyed doing that,and hope to continue at some point.He’s an amazing humorist,and visionary in 
independent film.

Speaking of film heroes,Frank Henenlotter(Basket Case,Frankenhooker),enjoyed a bunch of “Basket Case” jokes I wrote.Which is fantastic,be-
cause that film and it’s mutant star,Belial,have a special place in my heart.

I wrote some more jokes,and now I’m getting suggestions like crazy,to definitely get a book together.In fact,Nick Cato,went as far as giving a possible title-“Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.”Kyle says he has to be the illustrator!!
I’m still skeptical,I’m not an
author.And yet,there may be something to this.A jokebook,with drawings?Mmmmmmmmmmmm…

Enter Monique Snyman,who wrote a gossip column for HorrorNews.Net.”The Ten Commandments of Horror”.We clocked in at #8-Thou Shalt
Laugh at Thyself”.

This was instrumental in getting the word out,that we were searching for a publisher.It had been a little while in our search,and this was hopefully going to do just that.

Well,it did work.We got a publisher,and we were on our way to a book release in the fall.This was just before I was selected as emcee for the first ever Buffalo MonsterFest.

That was a blast!I was telling jokes in front of a couple hundred people,getting groans!Introducing horror films made around the WNY region.I met so many different film makers that night.Plus,some of my favorites,that I was already friends with.

Screamwave podcast started using my audio clips and jokes.I was writing jokes left and right!Kyle was drawing fantastic images to accompany the gags!The editor was working like a madman!

I had a chance to be a Zombie extra,for a film called “Final Night & Day”.I showed up with my oldest little monster.She got to be a Zombie,too!We both had a blast!

So,the book came out,following some great coverage from different horror sites,plus a front page article in my hometown newspaper! All that was left,was reviews and sales.

I’ll tell you,I was nervous about the reviews.This was my first book,so yeah,I had butterflies.I didn’t know how people would perceive it.

The reviews started coming in,and as hard as it is to fathom,people actually dug it!
I got a bunch of feedback about Kyle’s artwork,Joe Moe’s forward,the jokes,the blurbists!I couldn’t believe it!Kyle,my cohort and I were onto something!

We did signings at a  comicbook con,by Queen City Book Store.A surprise was a local filmmaker asked permission to have the book in frame during a scene in his movie,”Crimson”.We appeared at Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival,by Greg Lamberson and Emil Novak Sr.
This was great,because we met Debbie Rochon,who was a spectacular gal and a good sport!We also appeared at Borders Books,and really got in touch with new readers,and did well enough,that we will be going their again.

I keep trading zingers with Lloyd Kaufmann and Joe Moe.I love every line thrown back and forth.Someday,I’d love to have coffee with these fellas,and zing in person.What a bunch!Sheesh!

I notice that people I know are telling jokes,including my oldest little monster.I’ve been told I’m influencing people?!I don’t know about that,but,you never know.

I make a new mask”The Klownivore”,a zombie/clown.I start a graphic novel script “Hell’s Salvage”,and am going to finish a script called “For Your Abusement.

Unfortunately, in November,we had to leave our former publisher,as did a handful of other writers.This hurt,because things were going so well.It came at a time when readers,fans,and reviewers were starting to really sink their teeth into the book.

I felt bad for the people that were now our fans,and for Kyle who worked so hard on the book.But,we knew it was the right decision.

It was amazing to get people pledging support for us.It really felt like things were going to work out.

We were talking with a handful of possible publishers,and kept coming back to one in particular.After a few weeks,we had an agreement in principal.We just needed contracts.

I couldn’t believe it!It felt like lightning struck the same spot twice!I know Kyle was blown away,too!We were just in need of a pinch!

PillHill Press/WestNeb Books is the new publisher,we are currently editing,and getting ready for the re-release of the book.

Thanks to:Kyle for sharing this wonderful journey,and making this a special year!

Thanks to the book blurbists,reviewers,horror sites,friends,family,readers,
fans,Maniacs!You’ve made this a terrific year,too!

With any luck,2011 will be just as  productive and enjoyable!
I hope to see you all real soon!!

Happy New Year!!

Your Fiend,Yours Drool-ly,

Monstermatt Patterson


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Author of "Monstermatt's Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1",sculptor,maskmaker,musician,runner,writer for ZombieInkComics,writer for HorrorNews.net,Coffee Demi-God!
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