Jumping July!

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!

Sorry for the absence.Let’s review,what was a most spectacular July!

July started with a 9 day vacation from my day job.At this time I was “turning on the jets”,if you will,to reach my one thousandth BadMonsterJoke!

In the first few days of the vacation,I knocked out between 30-40 jokes,making it official!I counted backwards,forwards,upside down,you name it!I came up with 1001.

We haven’t revealed that 1000th joke,yet.There is a plan for that,to come,besides appearing in the third book of jokes.

I did it,though!
I achieved a milestone,that I never envisioned when I first started this journey.A tasty one,none the less!

I also started writing guest columns for various horror websites,that reflect on humorous events from my past,that somehow tie into horror,etc.

The sites -in order were :

Also,DreadfulTales.com ran a column about “Yours Drool-ly”.

What’s even better,is the Gravediggers column I wrote,was their #1 column for July!The other sites I wrote for,had those articles in the top 10 and top 20.
That’s incredible!Who would’ve thunk it?!

I’m glad people are digging it.I hadn’t really gotten a chance to put this stuff out there.It gives you a glimpse into who and what I am,what makes me tick,etc.

Of Corpse,I want to thank all of the sites involved,for letting me do that!Just the fact you were willing to try says volumes!There are more columns to come,plus the latest will be on TwistedCentral.com,plus my regular “12Bad Jokes About:” at HorrorNews.Net.

Also,we’ve gotten closer to having the jokebook ready for the masses.WestNebBooks and Jessey Marie Roberts(publisher and editor),have been sending Kyle and I proof copies,which we tear through with demonic delight,making notes,etc!

It’s very close!Very,very close!
As soon as I have that info,I will happily spread the news!

About monstermattpatterson

Author of "Monstermatt's Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1",sculptor,maskmaker,musician,runner,writer for ZombieInkComics,writer for HorrorNews.net,Coffee Demi-God!
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