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Starting to accept painting commissions.I have 4 at the moment,but can’t show 1 of them yet. Here’s what I can show-a Frankenstein painting from start to finish. Here’s the first picture. A loose sketch on a 14×18 canvass board. Ok,some … Continue reading

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Captain America sketch

Here’s a new sketch for Monsters For Charity. Captain America!

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Batgirl sketches

I drew these late last night,just for the fun of it!

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Ok…… Here’s some updates. The Terminator painting is done! Because of that painting,I now have 4 commissions!!Three for one person and one for a book cover!!!! Also,I have resumed work on drawing a fellow’s comic book script.We started it last … Continue reading

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Monsters For Charity

We have been in talks with a few independent film companies,artists,etc.,to set up more charity auctions.We’re doing it,little by little. Author Anthony Izzo whipped up three sketches for auction,we also have art by Tom Krohne and Kevin Tickel. Good stuff!

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Holy Haddocks!! I got accepted into The Horror Writers Association!!

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Terminator painting

Here’s my Terminator painting in 6 steps.I started my first canvass painting ever. Last painting I did was in 1994,I was working at a comicbook store to paint their windows.The last one I did was a Superman.

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