Monsters For Charity

Monsters For Charity was started during Thanksgiving week 2011.Its a group of people involved in horror,in some capacity.It’s ideas were being experimented with since October 2011,with a set of sketches,offered for email auction.

The basic premise is to help charities,by offering horror artwork,horror films,books,etc.,for charity auctions.We want to have the majority of items,be from artists, if possible.The auctions are listed on Facebook and Twitter.There are 8 people on Facebook acting as page administrators.We are looking into obtaining a website,soon.

People can place bids via email at
The winner of the auction pays directly to the charity online.We will not accept money.The person paying a donation gets a receipt,which we ask that they show us,for confirmation.It’s at that point we transfer the items,services,etc.
Everyone has obliged,so far.

Charities we have directly helped are:
The Hamilton Ontario Food Bank
We want to expand that list in 2012.

We have raised over $500.00 through this idea.Every cent of it,went straight to the charities.

Items we have auctioned off so far:

1)A $25.00 online gift certificate to
They will have more certificates and other things to offer,in the future.

2)A Blu-Ray disc of “Chillerama”,signed by Adam Green and many more.

3)Nine separate Movie Monster sketches,by Monstermatt Patterson

4)A Debbie Rochon signed DVD of “Dr.Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots”.

5)A sketch of The Creature From The Black Lagoon,by Monstermatt Patterson

Items currently offered:

1)A Dead Man’s Reach
coffee mug and unground coffee bean set,from Raven’s Brew Coffee Company.
Current bid $15.00

2)Monster artwork by Tom Krohne.
11 different full color prints.

No bids,yet.

3)A one-of-a-kind handbag,with a painted Halloween/horror image,from Kevin Tickel.

No bids,yet.

In addition,one of the high bidders also donated money and new toys,in our name, on separate occasions.

We have more artwork coming in January,from 5 different artists.
There are some indie film companies contacting us,as well.

Everyone has been very supportive and helpful,as we try to make a difference out there.Even in these tough economic times,people are finding ways to give.

About monstermattpatterson

Author of "Monstermatt's Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1",sculptor,maskmaker,musician,runner,writer for ZombieInkComics,writer for,Coffee Demi-God!
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