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6FtPlus Halloween Special

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!! This extra special episode contains something of a milestone,so dig in!!! 6FtPlus Halloween Special

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Sledge at Monsterpalooza

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!! My friend Kristian Hanson went to Monsterpalooza , to help create some buzz for his movie SLEDGE.He went in character (Adam Lynch) wearing the mask I made for him.That’s cool in and of itself.But,THE kicker is that he … Continue reading

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Cats Like Us Event

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!! It was a very,very rainy day,but the event at Cats Like Us went well.Julie and Andrew Davis,were gracious hosts,providing great music,trick or treat candy and donuts. I had two legitimate offers on my Batman painting,the second offer came … Continue reading

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Cats Like Us interview

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!!! Cats Like Us interviewed me,as a means of getting to know me,prior to my in-store appearance Oct.20th Cats Like Us meets Monstermatt Patterson

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Rock&Shock sketches

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!! I did four large sketches to be raffled off at Rock&Shock 2012. Pinhead,PeterCriss,Choptop,Machete.Reason is that they are guests and Rock&Shock thought it would be Neato! Rock & Shock

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Batman painting

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs! I always loved Batman,from the comics to the toys.There are images that are so time tested and iconic to me-the one I chose is what I think to be a Murphy Anderson rendering,that was used for everything in … Continue reading

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Frankenstein painting for Rack Toys book

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!!! I’m thrilled to share this blog about Rack Toys:Cheap,Crazed Playthings.It includes the painting that I did for the book.So,here’s the link Frankenstein painting And the painting from start to finish…

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