Monsters For Charity:2nd Annual Holiday Fundraisers

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!!

It’s time for the Monsters For Charity 2nd Annual Holiday Fundraiser!!
Last year,we raised over $600.00 for charities,like ToysForTots,CampGoodDays,various FoodBanks and more. while being in an experimental phase .We wanted to show the world,that yes,horror fans do have hearts!They displayed a kindness and desire to help out families to provide a holiday for their children and beyond that,the basics of life-food,clothing,shelter and love.

Well,we are back at it!We did some things throughout the year,but our main focus will be holiday time fundraising.
How this works—

If you see an item you like,let us know at Facebook,Twitter or email
We confirm your direct donation to a charity,then we send you the item.
Thank you,so much for your participation and support as we reach out to those in need.

Here are the current items for the 2012.

1)Scooby Doo animation cel painting.
Approximately from 1980’s.
Bids start at $15.00

Donated by Mike Sciriabassi

2)Vampire’s Ball t-shirts,size S,M,L (one of each).Bids start at $5.00 each

Donated by Terror Technologies

3)Reanimator painting(acrylic) 9×12.
Bids start at $80.00 (reserve is $100)

Donated by the artist,Julie Schuler

4)Alucard cd -Vampire punk rock,from the Nashville based group-Alucard.
Bids start at $5.00

Donated by Alucard

5)2 Dvd’s – The Demons Among Us and Offensive Behavior.
Bids start at $5.00 each

Donated by Ron McKay and Troma Entertainment

6) A copy of Blanket of White,by Amy Grech and Damnation Books.
Bids start at $5.00

Donated by Amy Grech

7)Tim Hortons 2012 Roll up the Rim to win! t shirt,size XL .
Bids start at $5.00

8)Set of four CD’s,by multi award winning horror composers,Midnight Syndicate.Bids start at $25.00

Donated by Midnight Syndicate

9)BooBerry painting (acrylic).Bids start at $20.00

Donated by the artist Dennis J. Glinski

Note–bid has been placed ($20.00)

10)Coffee gift set –
Raven’sBrew Brew tshirt(XL),2 travel mugs,canvas shopping tote,2 bags of coffee.Bids start at $50.00

Donated by Nora Drogi,The Podge Gourmet ,Raven’sBrew












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