2012:A Look Back

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!!

It’s the last day of 2012.
I almost wish I could rename the new,incoming year 2012 and extend this one.2012 has been so good to me,I don’t want to see it leave.That is just silly.I know.I’m sure that 2013 has wonderful things waiting for me.If it could just whisper a little kernel of what’s to come,that would be great!
Well,I do have some things carrying into 2013,so that’s a start,right?
Anyways …


2012 had a lot of painting in it.My friend,Mike Sciriabassi got me going in January.I did my first painting since 1994,plus it was my first painting on an actual canvas.It was the Terminator.This was a practice painting,to see if I could or couldn’t do it.Well,Mike wound up commissioning me for Igor & Frankenstein,from Son of Frankenstein.Melantha Blackthorne,from Frankenstein’s Patchwork Man(a indie film,that was in various stages of production).Melyssa Jade,from Ombis.The Wolfman,Lon Chaney Jr.

These paintings led to others and I did a painting for author Monique Snyman,for her novel -in -the -works,Secrets of Atlantis.Monique is a cool cat and we’ve been friends for awhile.

A private commission for a George Reeves Superman.This wound up being someone’s Father’s Day gift.

Then,I wound up getting involved with Brian Heiler and his homage to weird vintage toys,Rack Toys:Cheap,Crazed Playthings.This is the sort of book I would definitely buy for myself,as it’s chock full of old plastic fun stuff,that I wholeheartedly enjoy!We came up with a scene,where a A Frankenstein jiggler toy,was getting attacked by an angry mob.I painted it and he put it in the book as a chapter page,to the monster toys section!!So,this is my first published painting!!

I did more,like a nod to Murphy Anderson’s Batman image from the 1970’s.It was used for all manner of products.This sold while I was at Cats Like Us.But,before that,it wound up on the evening news,as a reporter and camera guy,were talking about comics during a comic book convention,from Queen City Bookstore.

A Phantom of the Opera painting,because I had the Phantom on my brain.I’ll explain as we go into-

Screamwave and 6FtPlus had me on for different things.Screamwave had NoKlassKris and I just kind of chewing the fat about horror and life in general.We did manage an interview with the amazing Maria Olsen!There was a sound problem on my end,we couldn’t solve and it carried into other episodes.The show went on hiatus for various reasons and I’m told it will return and I am invited back as a cohost.

Tomb Dragomir’s Tomb TV had Tomb and I coming up with Horror-ders.A little goof on a reality tv sensation mixed with certain horror characters,that obviously hoard things.
So far,there were oh one or two little gags.I think Tomb will inject some next year.It was a total treat to work with that guy!!

6FtPlus gave me a different job.An audio format to tell jokes.The Monstermatt Minute!Previously,I recorded on my own and posted jokes in various places.They gave me a solid place and a focus to really make something happen!Strange Jason hosted the show and Dr.Gangrene came onboard as well,with The Metal Morgue!We even have traded segments of our show with other shows,like Monster Island Resort and Psychobilly Gardener.Strange Jason did that,plus more,when he got more podcast hosts to join us for a Halloween special,that unveiled my 1000th BadMonsterJoke.People like Cinebeth,MiguelRodriguez,the HiFructose Zombies creators,and Tomb Dragomir,plus Dr.Gangrene and Psychobilly Gardener jumped in for a bit of radio drama.Because the joke is Phantom based,it was a culprit for me painting him at this time.This led to another venue for my brand of humor and it started with the 1000th joke…

The 1000th joke had additional plans.The very generous people at Gravediggerslocal,created a chunk of web space for me,with HaHaHorror! We led it off with said joke on Dec.21st and this is my first web comic.We are going to produce them on a biweekly basis starting in mid/late January.

Films and horror peeps,were in the daily conversation.Adam Steigert and Mike Sciriabassi were kind enough to bring me out to meet LynnLowry,during Ombis filming.I have a small voice over part,to record,yet.They also,invited me to meet Britt Griffith during dinner.This led to me appearing in My Soul to Take,with Britt Griffith.I teamed up with Mike and Nancy Stafford in Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes,a strong anti-bullying based film,which is up for the Sundance FilmFestival.

In addition to those projects,I had a chance to work on Return to the Class of Nuke ‘Em High,a Troma film.My first time working with them and it was a blast!I chronicled it for HorrorSociety.Lloyd and cast/crew were great!A chance to work with him,Debbie Rochon and more,plus the crazy amount of local talent,was very rewarding!

Kristian Hanson tapped me to make the mask for his lead character Adam Lynch,in Sledge.Kris went to Monsterpalooza in costume(Sledge mask and assorted gore)and floored me,by having his picture taken with some of the FaceOff cast!The film is going to make the festival rounds,soon.

Dennis J.Glinski tapped me to do a pinup page for his comic book,DeathShriek.I nervously did and it is my first ever,published comic book art!A mixture of horror and metal music is Dennis’ thing.So look for it!Legacy of Death Productions.They will also be publishing Wolff’s Run as a comic book trilogy.Speaking of comics…

Arcana Studios accepted my 4page script,for their Steampunk Originals Vol.2 anthology.It’s called Caught in a Jam,with George Ford taking the illustration gig.My first team up with him and this comes out sometime 2013.
Their is a horror anthology the editor directed me to and two of my short scripts are in development.The BloodFire Blitz and ITSY.No word on the illustrator(s) yet.

Did I mention knee surgery?
Yeah,September 6th.It was supposed to be the 5th,but it got rescheduled,due to some problem at the facility.
Oh,it was painful and made things uncomfortable for me and my loved ones.But,it never stopped me.It slowed me,but with the support of my friends and my Maniacs,I got through it!
Artistic pursuits definitely helped.

Twisted Central’s charity premiere of Brutal,helped.My friend,Tammy Dupal
asked me to participate,so I wound up drawing sketches of Camille Keaton,Cleve Hall,Michael Baldwin and Bill Oberst Jr.,for silent auctions.Camille bought the one of herself!!Tammy and Bill took a great photo of themselves with the sketch of him.Bill and I are teaming up on a painting/print project as a direct result of this.I couldn’t be more excited!!

I thought 2012 was quietly winding down,then I wound up getting involved with GoGo Girls vs the Nazis, as an associate producer.Wayne Clingman,Melantha Blackthorne and more are involved for the 2013 shoot.
This is my first time in this capacity,so I want to do the best job I can.

Meet & Greets were the flavor of the year and I wound up meeting,working with or spending time with(in no particular order) Ari Lehman,Joe Bob Briggs,John Amplas,Britt Griffith,Lloyd Kaufmann,Lynn Lowry,Tyler Mane,Debbie Rochon,Raine Brown,Nancy Stafford

2012,had so many positives,that the one negative knee surgery) turned into a positive.I think it got caught in the wave of good stuff!So many “firsts” for me.Throughout the year,I hope my level of artistry improved.I want to keep doing a better job. Ten of the twelve paintings i did ,were sold.Maniacs and friends, were a major player in 2012.So many people made this year a keeper!I owe each and every one of you a gigantic Thank You!

2013?It’s coming and with it,comes projects that are carrying over from 2012.I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year!May 2013 be healthy and prosperous!




















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  1. George says:

    Congrats on such an outstanding year, Matt! I know 2013 is going to be even more phenomenal for you.

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