“Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror” Book Cover Art

I completed the cover art for my next book, “Bride of Ha-Ha! Horror” and want to share it with you. The book has over 500 Bad Monster Jokes and I’m working on the interior cartoons. 

As with my previous books, there are horror personalities to roast me. 

Julie Adams -Creature From the Black Lagoon

John Amplas- Creepshow, Martin

John Migliore – The Strain, Land of the Dead

Nathan Head- The Excorcism Chronicles, Zombie King

Ari Lehman – Friday the 13th

Sephera Giron- Experiments in Terror, Captured Souls
Sean Whalen- The People Under the Stairs
Charles Band- Full Moon Entertainment 

Mitch Markowitz- Hilarious House of Frightenstein 
Also, like the first two books, there is a foreword and afterword. I hand picked these two guys from my time on set with Troma. I feel like they’re my little brothers.  I just want to put them in headlocks!

Zac Amico- Troma’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol.1&2

Zac is writing the foreword. He’s a rising star on the comedy scene. He’s popped up on Comedy Central and written material for some heavy hitters. 

Justin A. Martell -Troma’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol.1&2 

Justin is writing the afterword and he’s a great low budget movie producer and author! He wrote a definitive look at the life and career of Tiny Tim.

 Here’s a photo of (L to R) 

Justin, Megafoot, Monstermatt, Zac

What a lineup!!

 There are more roasters coming!

And here’s the cover… 


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