Rev Brown as Captain America painting 2020


I met Reb a couple years ago at a local convention and did a watercolor of him. Well, I had the itch to do another painting- this time acrylics on 16×20 illustration board. I watched both of his Cap films and saw a few different things to choose from. I added the American flag, because what could possibly be better than Captain America holding Old Glory and looking at it reverently!!

I’m as done as I can get without going backwards on the Reb Brown as Captain America painting. My eyes are getting tired and I’m afraid of undoing some of the painting by accident. Reb is a great dude and hope to do more projects in the future. I hope you folks dig it and if all goes well, prints will be available soon…

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Wolfman Mask


I haven’t made a mask in several years. The last one being the title character in the low budget film, ” Sledge.”

I’m always getting asked if I’m making any for Halloween and I always say no. For whatever reason, this year, I decided to say yes!

Here’s my new Wolfman mask…

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AdamWest Batman Sketch


It’s been a while…

Here’s a sketch that “Batman Day” to celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary inspired me to do. I chose Adam West…

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Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Painting


Here my painting of Michael Jackson as a Zombie from Thriller. Hope you dig it!

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Eartha Kitt as Catwoman Sketch


Eartha Kitt… jazz vocalist, dancer, actress, Catwoman…Wait, what?! Yep, she was Catwoman during the “Batman” television series final season. Remarkable in all her endeavors, I tried sketching her as that felonious feline female.

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Frankenstein’s Monster Painting 2018

#GhoulMourningManiacs!! It’s Sssssaturday!!! Just finished my Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff) painting and I hope you enjoy it!! 16×20 acrylics. I wanted the colors to tell the story, rather than try chasing a hyper realistic style. I started the drawing and painting alternating between left and right handed.

This is based on the Monster’s rise from the burning windmill at the beginning of “Bride of Frankenstein.”

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Ned Flanders Devil Costume 

I was a Groomsman for Rachel & Justin’s wedding. A Costume themed affair. So, I had to pull something together…
I chose Devil Ned Flanders. I bought a Flanders mask and made the horns, made the pitchfork, the leg pads, and modified a monkey sleeper onesie for the legs. Added a stuffed donut and modified a red lab coat. 
Here’s some shots of the project and the wedding day. Congrats to the happy couple! 

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Frankenhooker Painting


This weekend was Parahorror Carnival of Horror. I dedcided to illustrate Patty Mullen as Frankenhooker. Btw,  Patty is a scream!!! This is 9×12 on paper. 

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Reb Brown: Captain America Painting 

I recently met Reb Brown, the actor that portrayed Captain America in the 1970’s made for TV movies. We were both guests at the Buffalo Fantasy and Magic Festival. I decided to attempt a watercolor painting of him as Cap, as soon as I learned we’d both be there.  

Reb is a terrific gentleman and very upbeat.   I have to say that looking at his IMDb list mirrors my viewing habits as a child of the 70’s and early 80’s! He was on every major show ranging from “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” to ” Happy Days” with stops everywhere in between. 

We introduced him to Tim Hortons coffee, which is a personal favorite of mine. I think it’s now his as well! 

Anyway, here’s my painting of him ( I wasn’t totally sure which version of the costume to use, but went with the second movie’s duds) as Captain America, which made him very happy. He exclaimed that it was “unbelievable ” and “bitchin’!” while bear hugging me! That made me feel like a nearly invincible super soilder! 

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!!

It’s Valentine’s Day! Who loves ya, Maniacs! Well… I do! ❤
Roses are red. Violets are rotted. Zombies eat Hippies, because the meat is “Potted!”

Roses are Red. Violets are Marillion. How many stitches cover Frankenstein ‘s Monster and his Bride? A Million! 

Roses are Red. Violets are Ochre. Batman’ s arch enemy is the Joker! 
Roses are Red. Violets have a hue. The Wolfman broke a fang while he gnawed instead of chewed.


Ohhhh… the Mummy can’t eat chocolate hearts, It’s really tricky.If he does, his band-aids get all gummy and sticky!! 

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