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Cartoon Sketches

#GhoulMourningManiacs!! I do loose sketches during breakfast/coffee , before heading out to work. I choose cartoons, because I can usually get them done quickly. That doesn’t devalue the composition of the original cel paintings I’m copying. Some are comedic genius! … Continue reading

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Batman & Robin, Spider-Man paintings

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs! I loved the Filmation Studios superhero cartoons, so much. Batman & Robin were animated so wonderfully, that they are in a special place in my heart. The same goes for Ralph Bakshi’s Spider-Man. Just colorful, web swinging … Continue reading

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Filmation Studios Catwoman painting

Ghoul Mourning! One of my all time favorite cartoons was and is Filmation Studios Batman & Robin.I love the animated characterizations of my favorite hero and his colorful rogues gallery of villains.So,I did a painting of Catwoman and hope to … Continue reading

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