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Cartoon Sketches

#GhoulMourningManiacs!! I do loose sketches during breakfast/coffee , before heading out to work. I choose cartoons, because I can usually get them done quickly. That doesn’t devalue the composition of the original cel paintings I’m copying. Some are comedic genius! … Continue reading

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Batgirl (Yvonne Craig) in watercolor

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!! I’m a Batman fan, and decided to paint Yvonne Craig as Batgirl. Yeahhhh… that’s not too challenging, right? Wrong. Very challenging, but such a blast to do!! Hope you dig it–

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Promotehorror.com features my art

The website Promotehorror .com ,featured me on their artists page!! Promotehorror’s featured artists Thanks Promotehorror !!Great artists up there!!

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Batgirl sketches

I drew these late last night,just for the fun of it!

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My Sketch is in Famous Monsters Magazine!

My sketch is on the fan art page of Famous Monsters Magazine #258http://t.co/KmYxoujl

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Flickr Photo Set

I started a photo set of sketches from this month.http://www.flickr.com/photos/40804898@N05/sets/72157627901164230/

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Zombie sketch

Quick Zombie sketch http://t.co/gW9ZFX8K

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The Crucifried Demon

Halloween 2009,I came up with a monstermask idea.A half head mask,of a demon/vampire with a cross burnt into his head.I called it “The Crucifried Demon”. I actually had a story to go along with it.Maybe at some point,I’ll produce it … Continue reading

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I’ve been asked to illustrate a short horror comicbook script.The writer is Phillip Buchanan,who writes for ScreamHorrorMagazine,Starburst Magazine,etc. I’ll post some script derived sketches.For now,I’ll post my Terminator Femme Fatale sketch.Enjoy!

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