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Frankenstein’s Monster Painting 2018

#GhoulMourningManiacs!! It’s Sssssaturday!!! Just finished my Frankenstein’s Monster (Boris Karloff) painting and I hope you enjoy it!! 16×20 acrylics. I wanted the colors to tell the story, rather than try chasing a hyper realistic style. I started the drawing and … Continue reading

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Painting- Aurora Glow-in-the-dark Wolfman tribute

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!! When I was a Little Monster, I’d love to visit the local Hens & Kelly store. Zipping past whatever was on the ground floor was the plan, to ride the escalator- making that right hook turn at … Continue reading

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Wolff’s Run preorder

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!! Wolff’s Run No.1 will drop this Spring. You can preorder it now! Wolff’s Run preorder

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Plaid Stallions book project

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!! I’ve been “axed” to paint something for this upcoming book-Rack Toys from http://www.plaidstallions.com This is a dream project for me,because of my love of vintage toys!!More to come…

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Flickr Photo Set

I started a photo set of sketches from this month.http://www.flickr.com/photos/40804898@N05/sets/72157627901164230/

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