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Wolff’s Run preorder

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!! Wolff’s Run No.1 will drop this Spring. You can preorder it now! Wolff’s Run preorder

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Donovan’s Brain review

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!! I delve into Donavan’s Brain for the website Gravediggerslocal.Enjoy! Donovan’s Brain http://t.co/0yJnFx40 “>Donovan’s Brain Review

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Melantha Blackthorne painting sequence

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs!!! I finished the Melantha Blackthorne painting,for Mike Scirabassi.Here is the sequence from sketch to last night’s final brush strokes.This is my fourth painting.It is 14×18 acrylic on board.

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Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.2 from Twisted Central

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs! Twisted Central gave us some love and ran the Vol.2 news. Twisted Central shares Vol.2 news Also- Some blurbists have joined in the fun! Today,I received quotes from Chainsaw Sally and Bill Oberst Jr.,to go along with quotes … Continue reading

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Review of Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1,from Midnyte Reader!

New Review!! A new review for us!!! Thanks,Midnyte Reader!!!

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I’ve been asked to illustrate a short horror comicbook script.The writer is Phillip Buchanan,who writes for ScreamHorrorMagazine,Starburst Magazine,etc. I’ll post some script derived sketches.For now,I’ll post my Terminator Femme Fatale sketch.Enjoy!

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