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Shallow Graves interview part 1

I was interviewed by the amazing Yvette Kelly, from Shallow Graves Magazine! Here is part 1.Shallow Graves interview part 1 Advertisements

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Wolff’s Run preorder

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!! Wolff’s Run No.1 will drop this Spring. You can preorder it now! Wolff’s Run preorder

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Wolff’s Run being optioned!!!!

Ghoul Mourning,Maniacs! Wolff’s Run is a horror/scifi/crime comic book trilogy.Bob Tancelt Bieber is doing the art,I wrote it and Kyle J. Kaczmarczyk’s comic book company,Zombie Ink Comics,is publishing it. Tonight,I received a call,that DeftonePicturesStudios would like to option the script.I … Continue reading

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WitchesHat Interview


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Dr.Gangrene grills me!

Award winning Horror Host, Dr.Gangrene interviews me about Monsterrmatt’sBad Monster Jokes Vol.1 ,Wolff’s’s Run,and more! http://t.co/y6b83404

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Dreadful Tales article

Here’s a link to http://www.dreadfultales.com They ran a really nice article about their anticipation of the jokebook,Wolff’s Run,and me! http://dreadfultales.com/2011/07/25/news-matt-monstermatt-patterson-invades-your-mind/ Thanks,DreadfulTales! http://t.co/feJNaBr

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